What to Do on a Windy, Rainy Day in Key West

So, you are visiting our fair island and it just happens to be on one of those rare bad weather days. I say rare because generally when it rains here it is a short event, usually lasting less than an hour, and once passed you can go on about your day fishing, snorkeling, etc. On occasion though, it will rain all day long, and when wind is added to that equation it makes things even more exciting. Well, your plans are blown out of the water, literally, so what should you do?

You are in Key West, and what better thing to do on a rainy day then to hang out at one of the local bars. Sloppy Joe’s, Hog’s Breathe, Green Parrot, Schooner’s Wharf, or Captain Tony’s are all well known and one of these bars is typically on every visitor’s list of places to check out. All these bars and many more that I did not name would be happy to have you hang out enjoying a cocktail and listening to music or stories of Key West. One of my personal favorites if hanging out with bartender Bahama Bob at the Rum Bar located at the Speakeasy Inn located at 1117 Duval Street. Bob is a true Key West character; he is a rum connoisseur and ex NASCAR engineer so he has tons of cool stories to share.

If drinking is not your game, there are several museums to visit. The Hemingway House is my favorite. The house and the grounds are gorgeous and I am a huge Hemingway fan. I have actually considered getting a part time job as a tour guide there. There are also a bunch of art galleries that any art lover would enjoy. Some have original, spectacular stuff. I can sit in certain galleries for hours looking at all the different pieces.

Another fun thing to do with the family would be to visit the Eco Discovery Center. The exhibits here are very cool, making learning about the Keys ecosystem entertaining as well as educational. The film that they show is also really interesting and is a wonderful example of the beauty of the Keys.

And speaking of films, you can catch a flick at one of the two movie theaters on the island. We have Regal Cinemas on Roosevelt Blvd. and Tropic Cinema downtown Key West. Regal has all of your newer main stream movies while Tropic shows more artsy films.

Key West also has plenty of shopping; everything from the touristy little t-shirt shops that are strewn all over Duval Street to some wonderful designer stores like Coach to discount stores like Ross. There are also many specialty shops selling jewelry, cigars, and probably a bunch of other things I cannot think of right now.

One place that is both store and museum (okay who am I kidding, almost all the museums down here have a store attached to them) but maybe more store than museum in this case is the Pelican Poop Shop. Okay, I love the name, lol. But they sell cute little trinkets in the store which is attached to Casa Antigua. You can take a self guided audio tour from 10 to 6 pm. This place was a hotel and the island’s first auto dealership. Hemingway actually stayed here on his first trip to Key West before he moved to the island.

And one of my favorite things to do on a rainy day in Key West is to take a spa day. The island is dotted with spas. My favorite is the Caribbean Spa. You can relax with a massage, gets a haircut, mani, pedi, facial…the list goes on! What better way to spend part of your vacation then by relaxing and pampering yourself?!

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