Key West Lobster

2017 Lobster Mini Season Key West

Lobster Mini-season takes place on the last Wednesday and Thursday in July annually.  During this two day event, properly licensed snorkeler and/or diver are allowed to take up to six legal sized…

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The Key West Maltese

Everyone who is a dog person has a favorite breed, and mine happens to be the Maltese. They are small yet sturdy and strikingly cute with snow white hair contrasting…

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Key West Houses of Worship

Religion may not be what one thinks of when they think Key West, but the island is home to many houses of worship including a Catholic Basilica, St. Mary’s Star…

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Easter in Key West 2014

Easter Sunday which falls on April 20this this year will be here before we know it. And if you are spending this Easter Holiday in Key West you need to…

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