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Cuban cigars have long been considered among the best in the world. In the late 1800’s, as war gripped Cuba, many Cuban cigar makers fled to Key West, bringing the cigar industry to the United States. For a time Key West was the cigar capital of the world. By the early 1900’s, however, labor strikes, fires, hurricanes, and the depression ended the island’s domination of the cigar industry. The tradition, although now diminished from what it once was, still remains. There are a number of Cigar shops and cigar makers that can still be found in Key West. The cigar rolling tradition has been handed down for generations and will remain a part of Key West for a long time to come.

Key West Cigar Shops

Cigar City USA – Located at 410 Wall Street, Mallory Square, this shop features art and collectibles as well as fine cigars.

Duval Street Cigars– Located on the north side of Duval Street you will find this little booth.

Conch Republic Cigars – Located in the alley next to Ricks Complex on Duval Street.

Conch Republic Cigar Factory – Located at 512 Greene Street, a block from Sloppy Joe’s. This shop was started in 1990 by an immigrant cigar maker, and the cigars are hand rolled with premium cigar leaves.

Cuban Leaf Cigar Factory – Located at 310 Duval Street across from the Hard Rock. Even if you don’t want to buy a cigar, this is a great place to stop and watch someone rolling a cigar in the traditional Cuban methods.

Dominican Republic Cigar Shop – Located at 925 Duval Street.

Garcia Cigar – Located at 606 Duval Street.

Historic Cigar Alley – Located at 1075 Duval Street. They boast the largest walk in humidor in Key West. This is a smoke and wine shop where you can relax in an ambiance reminiscent of old Key West on the shaded patio while sipping a glass of wine and smoking a great cigar.

Island Cigar Factory – Located at 1100 and 221 Duval Street. This factory makes over 70 types of cigars as well as custom cedar wood boxes.

Key West Havana Cigar Company – Located at the Speakeasy Inn at 1117 Duval Street. This store has a walk in cedar humidor housing their fine cigars. Enjoy your cigar while sitting on a comfortable couch in the shop surrounded by old art.

King’s Treasure’s Cigars – Located on the 200 block of Duval Street, this is a high end shop that also carries pipes and pipe tobacco.

Land’s End Cigars – Located near Turtle Kraals nestled amongst a bunch of little shops.

Old Key West Cigar Factory – Located on “Cigar Alley” a.k.a. “Pirate’s Alley” this is a cigar shop filled with all types of traditional cigar products from days of old.

The Original Key West Cigar Factory – Located at 1200 4th Street, Suite 134, but their cigars are actually sold at Cork and Stogie located at 1218 Duval Street.

Rodriguez Cigar Factory – Located on “Cigar Alley” a.k.a. “Pirate’s Alley” at 113 Fitzpatrick Street, this is a real cigar factory owned by Cuban cigar rollers.

Southernmost Cigar Club – Located at 306 Front Street, this is a high end smoke shop complete with smoking lounges, wide screen televisions, antique barber chairs, shuffle board, and pool tables. This is the place for cigar aficionados.

Key West Cigar Lounges and Cigar Friendly Hangouts

Alonzo’s Oyster Bar – 700 Front Street

Berlin’s Cigar and Cocktail – 700 Front Street

Boyd’s Key West Campground – 6401 Maloney Ave

Conch Tee’s and Souvenier’s – 419 Greene Street

Cuba Cuba – 814 Duval Street

Dena’s Botiques and Cigars – 220 Duval Street

Fenix Cigars – 700 Front Street

Heron House Court – 412 Frances Street

Historic Cigar Alley – 112 Fitzpatrick Street

Marrero’s Guest Mansion – 410 Fleming Street

Pearl’s Rainbow – 525 United Street

Schooner Wharf Bar – 202 William Street

Shades of Key West – 335 Duval Street

Sloppy Joe’s Bar – 201 Duval Street

Tropical Republic Inc – 112 Fitzpatrick Street


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