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Until about a year ago, local gun enthusiasts had no place to go to shoot their firearms unless they took a boat offshore. I guess that could be fun but I would think that aiming on a rocking boat would be pretty hard to do. And plus, what would you shoot at? Sounds like a big old hassle, and an expensive one at that with fuel prices what they are. Anyway, we now have the Big Coppitt Gun Club located just about 7 minutes north of Key West.

I love going to the range for a multitude of reasons. Mainly, it is great target practice. (Hopefully I’ll never have to defend myself, but at least I’ll know how to if I ever do.) And what better way to take out your aggressions after a crappy day then by shooting the heck out of a paper target?! Yes it is Paradise that I live in, but we still have bad days here once in a while. LOL.

This range is particularly great for the Keys because it is indoors and climate controlled so you won’t sweat your a** off like you would at an out door range in the summer months. The range has six lanes with automated target carriers; this obviously makes safety much less of an issue if you actually had to go downrange to change out the targets. You can purchase targets and bullets at the range, or you can bring you own.

The Big Coppitt Gun Club is open from noon until 7pm Tuesday through Sunday. Memberships are available to all those over the age of 18, and you are subject to a background check before being able to buy a membership.

If you do visit the range, please be responsible. Safety first! And have fun!

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