What to Pack for a Key West Vacation

So you are visiting our fair island of Key West and you don’t know what to pack? I will make this very easy for you. Key West is a very casual place. Even the fanciest restaurants do not require you to dress up and more than country club casual. Here are some things not to forget. If possible, don’t bring more than a carry on; it is all you should need!


  • bathing suit
  • sandals/flip-flops (no socks please unless you are wearing sneakers!)
  • polarized sunglasses
  • sunscreen (or you can buy that down here)
  • hat
  • light jacket or sweater
  • beach towel (if you plan on hanging out at the beach or the pool or going snorkeling)
  • underwear (unless you like to go commando)
  • aspirin and any prescriptions that you may need
  • camera
  • rain jacket or umbrella
  • money
  • ID
  • paperwork for accommodations, activities, etc. (You would not believe how often people get here and have no recollection of where they are supposed to stay or what activities they booked for their stay.)


  • sundress
  • tank top
  • t-shirt
  • shorts
  • bathing suit cover up
  • whatever makeup you wear
  • one pair of light slacks (capris or jeans)


  • t-shirt
  • shorts
  • one nice button down shirt like Tommy Bahama or a golf-T
  • one pit of light slacks or jeans


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