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I have lived in Key West for nearly 13 years now. Wow! I know the island pretty darn well. But every once in a while I still get surprised. Hard to do on a 2×4 square mile island? I say not! Key West is very tourist industry driven so we have a ton of restaurants, bars, shops, and attractions directed toward capturing that tourist market. Often times businesses start up and don’t make it so something new will pop up before you know it.

The other day I stopped off at my insurance agent’s office. On the way home I found a Polish Market on White Street that I had no idea existed. Also on White Street a new Italian place opened recently. And my BFF told me about a bakery specializing in cupcakes also on White Street. Now I do go to White Street often; my favorite pet store is on that street as is the tax office, and my sister lived right around the corner.

It got me thinking, if I have missed this much just on the corner area of White Street alone, what else am I missing or what else have I simply forgotten about. When you live someplace, even in Paradise, you start to ignore things and go about on your daily grind. I am going to try and stop doing that, and notice more about my island home.

Since then I have noticed that the one time Greek Restaurant on Truman Avenue is now a Cuban restaurant. There are two (Hatha and Bikram) yoga studios on Truman as well, not just the one I was aware of. And the Old Key Lime Pie Factory on Truman is going to be a Pilates Studio!

I think I have to take it one road at a time, lol.

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