Key West Fantasy Fest

So, Hope you all enjoyed the Goombay Street Festival this weekend! This event kicks off the start of Fantasy Fest here in Key West. The street fair is a lot of fun, with vendors peddling all types of wares and wonderful Bahamian foods being sold to event goers. This is one of the more tame events when it comes to Fantasy Fest. So everybody prepare for some crazy parties this week!

Some of the more well known parties include Captain Tony’s Plaid Party, the Head Dress Ball, the Pet Masquerade (my personal favorite), Sloppy Joe’s Toga Party, and the Pimp and Ho Party. Of course there are many, many more events during this time. You can actually check them out here!

Have fun and be safe as you enjoy Fantasy Fest this week. And if you didn’t make it down this year, start planning now for next year, as many hotels sell out almost a year in advance!


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