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Well, we had an unusually soggy week in Key West last week. It rained for about 5 days straight, flooding parts of the island. That means that most activities like fishing, sunset sails, and water sports tours were shut down during that time. Visitors were relegated to only hanging out at the bars like Sloppy Joe’s or visiting museums like the Hemingway House. Now that can be fun and relaxing, but after a while people surely want to get out and about. Now is the time. Weather is clear and a little breezy making the outdoors extremely comfortable this time of year in Key West.

When it comes to fishing, especially after a long, hot summer, a storm like what we so recently experienced is actually a good thing. It cools things down slightly and keeps things from getting stagnant. And the fish will respond well to it.

Of course the first couple of days after the rain recedes will be a bit challenging, not because the fish are not around because they are, but because we cannot see them with the waters being churned up. These first few days are great for the angler that just wants to go out and bend rods, as plenty of fun species such as snappers, barracudas, and jacks are typically prevalent. After that though, the bonefish, tarpon, and permit will start showing their fins again.

Another thing that some people do not realize is that the bone fishing is stellar in October and beginning of November. The waters are still warm and they are eager to feed before the cold fronts start showing up in mid to late November or December.

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