Key West Baby Hawk Rescue

So my husband and I rescued a beautiful baby hawk today. I was walking my dog Indie around the block and I looked down and there was this bird about Indie’s size just sitting on a coconut that had fallen to the ground. We were only a couple feet away from it and it did not try to move at all so I called my husband Steven over being that he is like the bird whisperer, lol. He put on some work gloves, gently picked up the bird, and we brought him back to the house with us.

We then called the Key West Bird Sanctuary and Tom came over right away to collect it. He said that the bird was a baby hawk that did not migrate because it didn’t know any better yet and that it was in need of food and water but was otherwise just fine. Tom also said that if we had not seen it or if we had left it alone the hawk would probably have starved to death, gotten hit by a car or killed by a dog. Tom took the baby bird to the sanctuary where it will be properly nourished and released in about a week. Yay!!

If the Sanctuary calls when they release the baby hawk back into the wild I’ll give you all an update. Unfortunately when I went to take a picture of the bird my camera died so I do not have a picture to share.

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