Key West is Going to Have a Hot Christmas!

We are now just 10 days away from Christmas and it is still in the high to mid 70’s here! And according to the extended forecast it is to remain in the high 70’s for quite some time. While the warm weather does not do much to make it feel Christmasy around here, I am sure all of the visitors to our island during the holiday will find it a warm welcome (pun intended) compared to the primarily cold climates they are now experiencing back home.

I know that my mom will be happy to be visiting this winter with the warmer temps. Right now she is in NJ, and each time I speak with her she is complaining about how cold it is up there.

Even though the weather is warm, the winds are honking. We are looking at 15 – 25 mph winds nearly every day for the foreseeable future with a possible dip this Saturday. The winds can make the offshore waters pretty sporty, but the backcountry waters will still be calm and people will be able to have a nice time enjoying activities such as backcountry fishing, kayaking, and sunset sails.

As for the water temperature, it is currently nearly 74 degrees. Not quite bath water but comfortable enough to swim in without a wet suit.

So come on down and enjoy the warm weather while we’ve got it!

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