Worst Coffee in The Florida Keys and Key West

As my readers can probably tell, I am a little bit of a foodie. And I also love my coffee. I guess that is part of growing up in an Italian household. I do not drink it everyday, but when I really feel like having a cup and I don’t feel like making it myself there are a few select places that make a great cup like at Kaya Island Eats, Croissants de France,  or Goldman’s Deli. I am not one of those people that can drink it black. I like mine light, no sugar.  I love American coffee with milk or cream, cappuccinos made with fat free milk and I loved the Cuban cafe con leche.

But the other day I have to say that I had the WORST cup of coffee I have ever had in my life. It was a cappuccino from Baby’s Coffee. I literally took one sip and dumped it out. And this small cup which cost me about $5.00. Now I have gotten coffee here many times since it is close to my house, and over the years the coffee has gotten progressively worse. I can say that after this last experience I will NEVER go back. The coffee was so bitter and foul tasting that after I dumped it out of my cup and refilled it with my own coffee it still had that nasty taste from the remnants in the cup. It seems as though maybe they burn the coffee or possibly maybe haven’t changed the filters since they opened.

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