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A patient getting treated with stitches at the Key West Lower Keys Medical Center
Patient at Lower Keys Medical

So you are on vacation in Key West. One would not think that they would need a doctor, but you never know what can happen. Unfortunately, people do sometimes get sick or hurt while on vacation. I myself came down with the chicken pox on a vacation as a kid and had to see a doctor. Working in the travel industry down here for the last ten years, I have seen people falling off of mopeds and breaking bones, people suffering from sun or alcohol poisoning, and people having a bout with a prior health problem, just to name a few issues. So, erring on the side of caution, here are a list of places that you can go to for medical treatment if necessary; lets just hope it’s not necessary! In the mean time, enjoy your vacation!!

  • Key West Urgent Care
    1501 Government Road * 305-295-7550
  • Truman Medical Center
    540 Truman Avenue * 305-296-4399
  • Lower Keys Medical Center
    5900 College Road * 305-294-5531
  • Doc to your Door
    3425 Duck Avenue * 305-890-6425
  • Old Town Medical Center
    3134 Northside Drive * 305-296-4868
  • Lower Keys Community Health Center
    1200 Kennedy Drive * 305-517-6551
  • WomanKind 
    1151 Truman Avenue * 305-294-4004

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