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La Creperie
La Creperie French Cafe

La Creperie was the brainchild of a couple of the original chefs at Croissants de France, so you know that the food has to be great! Proprietresses Yolande Findlay and Sylvie Le Nouail both come from the Morhihan region of France referred to as Brittany, and so they describe their food as such. The fare they serve includes their signature crepes (savory and sweet), eggs, soups, cheese plates, galettes, sandwiches,ice cream, and salads as well as an assortment of beverages focusing on rich, French coffees.

Opened in 2002 and originally located on Duval Street, when a fire closed them down in 2009 they relocated to the current Petronia Street location in 2010. This area is a foodie’s heaven with Blue Heaven, Santiago’s Bodega, the Conch Shack, and Columbian Grace all lining the same street. But you will not find the delicious French cuisine at any of these other restaurants. And the atmosphere here is friendly with outdoor seating and standing bistro tables. One of the more interesting features about this cafe is that you can look over the counter and watch the chefs ply their trade, and if you pay attention well enough you can probably learn a trick or two.

My friend Pam and I came here the other day to say hello to Yolande who I have known for years and to get our coffee fix while satisfying our  sweet tooth. I ordered an iced coffee and Pam ordered a regular coffee. I was a little off put when Pam poured the cream into her coffee and it curdled. But we were quickly brought fresh cream and a new coffee and crisis was swiftly averted. Hey, this is Key West and it is hot outside; things like this happen and it is how we recover from them that makes the real difference.  And this incident actually led to a first for me… While waiting for the new cream, I took a sip of my black iced coffee and actually liked it. This was a huge deal for me since I have never had more than a sip of black coffee and not wanted to spit it out. I drank two whole glasses completely black with not a stitch of cream or sugar. And I enjoyed every sip! That says something about the quality of the coffee because if it was not good I could never have choked it down without the dairy help.

For food, we shared the Nutella and banana sweet crepes. Not only was the serving size ample for the two of us to share, the taste was heavenly. The crepes were tender and not chewy at all and they had the perfect amount of filling so as not to be overpowering to the crepe itself.

Next time I visit Yolande I will have to try a savory crepe. I cannot wait!

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