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The classic croissant sandwich and a custom omelette at Le Petit Paris on Duval Street in Key West, Florida.

Located at 825 Duval Street, this new restaurant serves organic French fare for breakfast lunch, and dinner. From the outside, the plain building belies the chic interior, painted red with modern furniture and French poster art decorating the walls. There is also a seating area outside which overlooks Duval Street and is adjacent to the restaurant’s parking area which is a great rarity and thus a pleasant amenity for a business on the island to have. Other great features of Le Petit are their free wifi and delivery service.

Since it was overcast the day of our visit, we dined outside under one of the many umbrellas that shade the seating area from the normally intense Key West sun. We arrived for breakfast around 10:00 am and were seated almost immediately. The menu is fairly simple, with several egg options as well as granola, french toast, pancakes, both sweet and savory crepes, paninis, and salads.

We ordered coffee and it was brought out quickly. It if hard to believe how many places can screw up a simple thing like coffee, but Le Petit served one of the best cups of coffee I have ever had, rich and smooth. While the sweet crepes sounded divine, I opted for the classic croissant sandwich and my friend Pam ordered a custom omelette.

While we quickly drank our coffee, the waitress often came out to check on us and refill our cups. When the food was served we were happy with the presentation. My sandwich was quite large and the croissant was split in half; each half had a fried egg on it that dripped with yolk when bitten into (messy but delicious) as well as crisp bacon and swiss cheese. On the side were herb seasoned potatoes that were cut into strips and baked to perfection. Pam’s omelette was filled with cheddar cheese and fresh veggies of her choosing, and like my dish, it was also served with the potatoes.

Both of our meals were delicious and we could not have been happier with the services, presentation, or taste. The only mishap we had here was with the bill which was due to our server not understanding us when we told her that the cash was her tip and the rest of the bill was to go on a bank card, but she quickly remedied the mistake. As we were getting ready to leave it started to drizzle. Luckily our timing was impeccable and we were able to escape without getting drenched.

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