Stay Fit Studio Key West

Stay Fit Studio in Key West, Florida
Stay Fit Studio in Key West, Florida

I have never really liked working out; it is tedious and complicated. But a girl has to stay in shape! Years ago my dad bought me a membership to a gym that shall not be named. Step was all the rage in the 1990’s so I thought that I would give it a try and take one of the step classes offered at the gym. After my first attempt I was asked by the instructor to stop attending his class because I was uncoordinated and wasting his time just by being there. I was obviously taken aback, totally and completely embarrassed and angry to boot! Suffice it to say, I stopped going to this gym and I was too ashamed to go to any gym for a long while.

It was relatively easy to keep any unwanted weight off even without the gym when I was in my 20’s, but now it is not so easy. A few months ago my friend Pam moved to Key West and began going to Stay Fit Studio located at 804 White Street. I had heard from my sister Amy who belonged to Stay Fit during her brief time living on the island that they had awesome classes. But with my previous experience at the gym that shall not be named, I was terrified to take any type of class at a gym. Somehow, Pam got me to agree to join her in a spin class. It was tough, but I didn’t fall off the bike, and best of all the instructor did not kick me out of class!

Service at Stay Fit Studio is first class. In the middle of the spin and the pedal and pump classes the receptionist will come into the class and refill the spinners’ water bottles, for free, so that there is no need for us to get up off of the bikes and break stride. That was really a cool feature and made for a great first impression. In addition, Carly, the instructor at my first spin class, noted that I was new before class and she came over unprompted to help me set up the bike and show me how all of the features worked.

About five months have gone by since my first spin class at Stay Fit Studio and I have added Pedal and Pump and Strength Training to the list of classes that I now attend. Stay Fit Studio offers many different types of classes, from Abs to Zumba. In addition to the classes, private instruction and personal training sessions as well as massage to help your muscles to relax after that intense workout are all available.

Attending classes at a gym for this length of time is a record for me, and that it because Stay Fit is not your normal gym. There are no juiced up, muscle bound morons here. The staff, lead by owner Raquel (who is as expected in phenomenal and enviable shape), are interested in health and fitness. They truly make an effort to learn their members’ names and make them feel comfortable. Everyone there is very friendly and the atmosphere is more familial than businesslike.

Raquel often brings her little dog Tank to the gym and she is currently devising a class where members can bring their canine companions to join in the workout. I am super excited about this prospect as I love anything that allows me to bring my little maltese Indiana Bones along.

Raquel also tries to make the time spent at the gym informative and fun. Like with the recent Fantasy Fest Events, she offered a special four week boot camp so that anyone wanting to would be able to take part in this program to get their bodies costume ready! The program incorporated exercises focused on particularly troubling areas like abs and thighs as well as incorporating a diet program. And in line with the festival events, clients were welcome and encouraged to come to the gym in costume.

Next up is a Holiday Bootcamp that will focus on exercise in addition to a diet program that will allow for the enjoyment of holiday treats in moderation.

Stay Fit Studio has about twelve instructors, and out of those six have instructed classes that I have taken. Out of these six, there is not one instructor that has made me feel uncomfortable. If I am not doing something right they come over and quietly correct me.  During classes they push you, but not beyond what you are capable of or uncomfortable with. Most importantly, there is no belittling at Stay Fit. They are really in it for the clients.

Before and after class the instructors always make pleasant conversation with different gym members. They share stories with us and even pictures from their smart phones. And they all seem to be quite involved in the community, helping out at fundraisers and taking part in the different events. Of course fitness events take precedence, so you will no doubt find at least one of the Stay Fit Studio instructors involved with or participating in the many marathons, triathlons, and races that Key West hosts. And they gently encourage the members at Stay Fit to take an interest in these things without being preachy and turning us off.

It does not matter if you are local looking for a regular fitness program to join or a person on vacation wanting to stay in shape while visiting Paradise. Stay Fit has a program for you. Classes run about $15 each, but Raquel runs specials often and there are also discounts for monthly, three months, six months, and yearly memberships.

For a girl that hated gyms and working out, I now look forward to attending classes at Stay Fit Studio. If I can be converted then I’d say just about anyone can!


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