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Burger and fries from BurgerFi Key West
Burger and fries from BurgerFi Key West

My husband and I decided to spend the afternoon downtown yesterday, and of course we had to grab some lunch while we were out and about. Since we were on Duval Street and we hadn’t tried BurgerFi yet we thought that we would give it a shot.

The outdoor seating area was nice, overlooking Duval Street, but the sun was beating down and we opted to sit inside. When we walked in we were a bit confused as we were not sure if we were supposed to seat ourselves or wait to be seated. We figured out that it was pretty much a self serve restaurant where we had to go up to the counter at the back of the dining area and order our food. There is also a beer and wine bar here with a bartender if you are so inclined to hang out there.

We ordered a hot dog, a bacon cheeseburger, a fry, and two sodas and were given a buzzer to let us know when our order was up. We paid the $23.78 that the food came to, a little surprised at the price, but looking forward to a good burger.

When the buzzer went off a few minutes later and we picked up the tray from the front I asked the girl at the counter if they had relish for the hotdog. “No,” she replied. Then she asked if I wanted relish to which I replied that it was really not a big deal that they didn’t have it. Then she told me that they did indeed have it and wanted to know why we didn’t ask for it in the first place when we placed our order. Can we say rude? She went into the kitchen and retrieved a small cup of relish for me. As soon as I saw it I was glad that we did not ask for the relish on our hotdog as it was neon green and smelled funny. Suffice it to say we did not end up eating it.

My husband and I halved the burger and hotdog so that we could try some of each. Neither of us enjoyed the hotdog. It was bland, even with ketchup and mustard. The burger was small, about the size of a McDonald’s burger; it was tasty, but it was certainly not one of those burgers that blew my mind.

While I do like the fact that their burgers are supposed to be all natural angus, after this experience I would not go back. I could eat a burger of about the same size and for a whole lot less at McDonald’s. Or, I could go to someplace like the Outback Steakhouse and get a really big and tasty burger that I would enjoy more with better service.

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