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The Dill Tuna Salad at Lobos's in Key West.
The Dill Tuna Salad at Lobos’s in Key West.

Lobo’s Mixed Grill is located down a little alley way off of Duval in an area called Key Lime Square. This casual eatery has covered picnic tables for you relax at while you enjoy your wrap, burger, or sandwich.

I decided to have lunch here the other day while I was in town with Indiana Bones. I ordered the dill tuna salad at the counter with an iced tea. When the salad was ready it was brought out to where I was seated with Indie. The presentation was nice and the portion was huge. I ended up not being able to finish it even with Indie’s help.  I loved how fresh the greens were. And the tuna salad had the perfect consistency and was not dripping with mayo. I only wish that they made their own salad dressings here rather than using pre made versions, but that did not ruin the salad for me. The vinaigrette dressing that I chose was tasty.

Lobo’s is famous for the wraps. With a choice of white, wheat, spinach, sun dried tomato, or black bean flour tortillas, the wrap options are practically endless. And any wrap on the menu, of which there are thirty-one, can also be made into a salad. I love the Monster Veggie Wrap on Wheat, but meat and seafood lovers will enjoy other options like the Tuna Luau, the Catalina Chicken, the Spicy Shrimp Roll, or the Porky’s Nightmare. Don’t you just love the names?! You will also find burgers, hotdogs, and quesadillas as choices. And I can tell you that all of the food that was being delivered to other diners looked amazing.

If you are looking for a quick lunch, I would definitely give Lobo’s a whirl. The food is fresh and delicious. The staff are friendly. And as long as its not 95 degrees you should enjoy the relaxed dining atmosphere.

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