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Island Genn hanging out in front of the Lazy Gecko on Duval Street.
Island Genn hanging out in front of the Lazy Gecko on Duval Street.

At one time in my life, bar hopping was a normal activity for me; but as I have grown up I find that I have little time and rarely an inclination to do so anymore. That is not to say that I never go out and enjoy a few drinks at a bar. It is just atypical for me nowadays unless I have friends in town looking for some excitement.

Well, a few friends were hanging out at the Lazy Gecko this past Saturday night watching the Georgia game and they invited my husband and I to join them, so we did. For me, finding parking is a major drawback to hanging out downtown, but luckily finding parking was pretty easy this weekend.

Lazy Gecko is located on Duval Street directly next door to the famous Sloppy Joe’s. As we walked in we spied our friends and got a table where we could all watch the game and relax with a bite to eat. Honestly, I was not looking forward to trying the food out here, but I thought I would give it a whirl. Plus, it would provide me with some info for my blog.

Service was actually really good, especially for a bar. The servers and bartenders were vigilant even though the bar was quite crowded. My husband and I ordered a flatbread pizza with pepperoni and sausage. We also ordered a pina colada and a mojito. The pizza was brought out fairly quickly and it was really tasty. I was actually impressed as most bar pizza that I have had in the past has been tasteless or absolutely dripping with grease and this was neither of those things. The pina colada was not good at all, and this disappointed me as I really want a bar other than Outback Steakhouse to have a really good pina colada, especially in Key West! The mojito was really tasty though and so we enjoyed a few of those while we hung out.

As the night progressed the live music started. I did not find out who was playing, but it was enjoyable and much better than a lot of musicians that I have heard performing at many of the bars down here. However, it made talking to our friends very difficult. When we left later on that night, my husband and I had both enjoyed our time. And I was glad to have another place where one could get a decent bite to eat at a real bar that I could suggest to visitors.

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