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Charlie Mac's Brisket
The award winning Brisket Platter at Charlie Mac’s in Key West.

Yesterday was Tuesday so a few of us decided to partake in Taco Tuesday at one of the downtown restaurants that do this weekly special. We ended up at Charlie Mac’s on Southard Street next to the Green Parrot. I had not been here since it was the Meteor Smokehouse like ten years ago, but I had heard good things about it recently. While they have $2 pork tacos and $5 fish tacos on Tuesdays, we all ended up being taken in by the delicious BBQ smell.

To start, we ordered the mac and cheese balls at the suggestion of our waitress, Piper. Two of us liked them and two of us did not. They were mac and cheese and pork rolled into balls, breaded, and fried. It sounded like a heart attack to me so I ate only a half of one and I wished that I hadn’t. Pam was not a fan either. But the guys both enjoyed them, although I don’t think that they would order them again.

I ordered their award winning Brisket platter. It came with cornbread and coleslaw, and two more sides of my choosing as well. I went with mac and cheese and green beans. The coleslaw was good and soggy like it should be. The corn bread was not the best I’ve ever had, but it was tasty nonetheless. Again, I was disappointed with the mac and cheese which I found to have a nice consistency but it was bland. The green beans were awesome, covered in garlic. And lastly, the brisket was good and tender with minimal fat which made me happy.

My hubby Steven ordered a whole rack of ribs which came with cornbread, coleslaw, and fries. I only wanted to try his fries, but I ended up eating about twenty of them they were so good. The full rack of ribs was a ridiculously large portion. They were very fatty which is good for taste and he enjoyed them a lot. But I am glad that I did not order them as I would have been grossed out by all of the fat. However, the actual meat was delicious. Nad he only ended up eating half of them so he now has lunch for today as well!

Piper Charlie Mac's Ribs
Here is our server, Piper, bringing us a full rack of ribs while hanging out at Charlie Mac’s.

Pam ordered a salad with smoked turkey. The greens were all fresh and the turkey was delicious white meat and not chopped up cold cuts like one typically receives at a bar that serves food. Pam also tried the key lime pecan pie for dessert. I tasted it but did not love it; however I really am not a huge fan of key lime pie. Pam on the other hand is a key lime lover and she really enjoyed it.

Tommy had the chopped pork sandwich with cole slaw and onion rings. The sandwich was nice and tender and the onion rings were delicious and perfectly crispy.

Like most BBQ places, the meats are served plain as they present you with a number of sauces to use. Carolina, hot, sweet, etc. You name it! We all went for the sweet BBQ without even trying the others. Hey, we know what we like!

Service was good. We enjoyed talking to Piper and she was always quick to refill our drinks and make suggestions to us about the menu. And even though our Taco Tuesday was a bust, we ended up finding a good BBQ place on the island, finally!

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