Harbourview Cafe at the Pier House Resort & Caribbean Spa | Review

Delicious creamy conch chowder from the Harbourview Cafe located at the Pier House Resort and Caribbean Spa.
Delicious creamy conch chowder from the Harbourview Cafe located at the Pier House Resort and Caribbean Spa.

Sunday my husband and I had friends come into town, so we decided to take them downtown for lunch. We wanted someplace with a nice view and good food. My friend Lee works at the Pier House Resort and he has told me on numbers occasions that the food at the Harbourview Cafe is really good. I thought that it would be worth it to give the cafe a whirl, especially since I send a lot of our clients to stay at the Pier House. Even with the signs pointing the way throughout the property, walking through the resort to find the cafe was a little bit confusing. But it was beautifully landscaped and we were rewarded by a quiet spot next to the resort’s beach overlooking the Key West Harbor. It was a very picturesque setting. We opted to sit outside because the weather was amazing, but there is indoor seating available as well.

Our waiter’s name was Ash and he brought over menus for us to peruse. We all were brought water; then Jennifer ordered a glass of wine, the guys both ordered beers, and I ordered a rare Bloody Mary. When the drinks were brought out we then ordered our food. Everyone but me asked for the burger. I decided that I had to get something different for a better cross section of the menu so I went with their salad with charbroiled sea scallops. The guys also ordered a soup each; Nate ordered the special which was a pumpkin coconut curry and Steven ordered the creamy conch chowder.

A note about the Bloody Mary. I am by no means a connoisseur of these drinks, but I do enjoy them on occasion. This one was not bad. It had a consistency that was a little thin plus a lot of horseradish; I would have been really impressed with it if it had come with a shrimp on the side in addition to the olives as  that would have paired perfectly together. Of course that would also raise the price of the drink I am sure, but I think it would have been worth it.

An amazing salad with charbroiled scallops, dried fruit, and goat cheese crostini.
An amazing salad with charbroiled scallops, dried fruit, and goat cheese crostini.

Back to the food…

The soups were amazing and both guys devoured them, although Jen and I luckily both got a taste of our respective husbands’ soups before the bowls were clean. The burgers, served with fries, were big and they looked amazing. I did not taste them but Jenn, Nate, and Steven all raved about them, and they were so big that nobody entirely finished them either. My salad was gorgeous, piled with fresh greens, ripe tomatoes, dried fruit, and a really delicious basil vinaigrette. There were 4 scallops on top of the salad as well that were perfectly cooked. And there were also a couple of pieces of goat cheese crostini on the side. All together it was a perfect combination and a great choice for a light and delicious lunch.

Ash was quiet at first, but he was a good and attentive server. We asked him if the music could be lowered and he immediately complied which made it much easier for us to converse with each other. And we really enjoyed he view of the harbor and watching all of the beautiful tall ships sailing by as well as the parade of sleek Dream Catcher Charters boats going by as they picked up and dropped off clients at the Pier House dock.

The Harbourview Cafe Burger.
The Harbourview Cafe Burger.

I am very pleased to report that the Harbourview Cafe at the Pier House Resort is an awesome place for one to enjoy a delicious lunch with an amazing view. Breakfast and dinner are also served here. The dinner menu is very similar to the lunch menu. And  the breakfast menu looks amazing; I may have to make this our new breakfast spot!

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