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Smoked Paprika Citrus Gulf Shrimp
Smoked Paprika Citrus Gulf Shrimp tacos

After a long bike ride all around Key West on Sunday my friend Pam was starving. “Let’s get a taco.” I am always up for food so we headed in to Death by Tako which is located at 1605 N Roosevelt. Blvd. and shares a space with Mellow Adventures.

There are a few tables inside along with a bar where you can get fresh juice or a craft beer. We sat down at a table and a waitress came over to ask if we wanted a drink. Yes! Ice water, and natural cherry cream soda. She asked if we would like some chips to start and we said okay, figuring she would bring over a basket of chips, but instead she dropped a small bag of Pita chips on our table. Pam and I just looked at each other and laughed but we were looking forward to our tacos.

Since each plate comes with two tacos, we decided to get two different options and share. We ordered the Old School key lime marinated mahi mahi with avocado, tomato, and sesame slaw as well as the smoked paprika citrus gulf shrimp with roasted poblano sweet corn and cilantro chimichurri. I loved being able to watch Chef Andrew Nguyen, formerly of Square One, prepare the tacos from our seats. When the food was brought over to us it looks and smelled divine.

"Old School" Key lime marinated mahi mahi tacos
“Old School” Key Lime Marinated Mahi Mahi tacos

I bit into the shrimp taco first and it was love at first bite. The shrimp were delicately cooked and melded perfectly with the fresh ingredients like the crispy corn that were part of the taco. This taco needed nothing in terms of extras to turn up the flavor. 

The mahi mahi taco was overflowing with fish. The slaw was fresh and delicious and the fresh jalapeño pepper slices on the side were perfect for adding a bit of zing to the dish, which I then had to follow up with a bit of sour cream to lessen the heat.

If you are looking for some original tacos with the freshest ingredients, definitely give Death by Tako a try. They even deliver! And every other Saturday at 7pm the chef holds an underground social with a seasonal tasting menu and wine pairing. Reservations for this event are required. Death by Tako is currently open from 11am to 7pm Wednesday through Sunday.

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