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Island Genn in front of her Jeep Rubicon
Island Genn in front of her Jeep Rubicon

Visitors are always asking me what the best way to get around Key West is during their stay on our island Paradise. And I typically tell them to forget the rental car; take a cab. That is because driving and parking around Key West can be daunting. Maneuvering on some of the narrow lanes can be difficult and confusing, and parking is a real nightmare downtown. Most places do not even have parking on site, so you will most likely have to hoof it a good distance anyway even if you do have a car.

When I was driving around my big SUV or my husband’s huge pick up truck it was never more apparent that driving in Key West was just no fun. So I have traded in my unwieldy vehicle for a Jeep, and I have never been happier. Now I actually enjoy driving around downtown!

My awesome husband giving my Jeep a bath for me.
My awesome husband giving my Jeep a bath.

This is no Jeep advertisement, nor am I a car enthusiast or gear head, but I do appreciate a nice vehicle. My new Jeep is very comfortable inside, even for my husband who is a whopping 6’6″ in height (I am a mere 5’4″). And yes, I think it looks great too. Plus, driving my Jeep around is a pleasure. I love its flexibility from hard working SUV to fun loving convertible.

But the real winner here is the handling and mileage. I typically get around 18 miles to the gallon, which is great for city driving on this type of vehicle. My new Jeep is super going down the road, offering a stable ride and has some real pick up when needed.

Personally, I have never had a car easier to park, and that is my main beef with island driving. Parking is at such a premium on our tiny 2 x 4 mile island that sometimes one really needs to get into a tiny spot. This Jeep makes it easy.

In my opinion, the Jeep is the perfect island vehicle. If you have a Jeep, bring it on down to Key West. And if you don’t have a Jeep, you can now rent one at Key West Jeep Adventures. But make sure to do the Jeep wave when you see another Jeep going down the road!

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