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Lupida's Mexican cheese dip with chips.
Lupida’s Mexican cheese dip with chips.

Our office staff were all hungry today, so we decided to try a place that we had never been to.  Mexican sounded good so we headed on over to Lupida’s on Bertha Street, formerly home to B’s Cuban as we long time residents remember. It was a little too late for the lunch crowd, so we had the whole place to ourselves. We loved the Mexican music playing in the background, just loud enough to be heard and enjoyed  yet soft enough to be able to hear one another. It made us feel as though we were really in Mexico, or at least Mexico in Epcot!

As we were seated, We were served the obligatory chips with salsa. The chips were fresh and delicious and so was the salsa. The menu is huge so it was really hard to make a decision, but we finally settled! To start, we ordered the Mexican cheese dip and chips. It was a good sized portion, although a bit bland and very liquidy, making it difficult to eat. But, it did double as a good sauce on Tommy’s quesadilla.

Sopapillas as served at Key West's Lupida's.
Sopapillas as served at Key West’s Lupida’s.

Lila likes to eat dessert first, so she started with the sopapillas. These were very different from what I have had in the past. They were almost along the lines of a churro. The were crispy flour chips, for lack of a better descriptor, with a hint of cinnamon and topped with honey, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce. They were tasty, and the portion was huge. Really enough for four people.

Lila followed up her dessert with the chile rellenos with chicken. Served with a side of rice and refried beans, this generous sized plate garnered an alright from Lila. The chile rellenos were fried crispy, and there was no sauce on them, or at least not enough to be noticeable. And other than the bit of cheese that topped the dish, there didn’t seem to be any on the inside of the peppers. The best part of this dish was the shredded chicken stuffed into the peppers.

Chile rellenos with chicken at Lupida's in Key West.
Chile rellenos with chicken at Lupida’s in Key West.

Tommy ordered the beef quesadillas. This was also a good sized portion served with a side of rice and refried beans. He thought that the quesadillas were acceptable, but not great. The ground beef was bland and could have used some seasoning to add some flavor to this boring dish to make it more memorable. He was able to perk up the dish a bit by pouring the remainder of the cheese dip and salsa onto his quesadillas.

I ordered the chicken enchiladas with green sauce. These were also served with rice and refried beans, and again was a good sized portion. The shredded chicken was flavorful and I loved the spicy green sauce that it came with which was the savior to the dish.

We did not leave hungry, but unless you got a meal with a flavorful sauce like I did, bland was the word. If we do come here again, I think that I should just order for everyone! And if I didn’t have to go back to work, I would have ordered a strawberry margarita to go with my meal, but I was being responsible.

Chicken enchiladas with green sauce at Lupida's in Key West.
Chicken enchiladas with green sauce at Lupida’s in Key West.

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