Lost Kitchen Supper Club Review

The most delicious tamales at the Lost Supper Club event held at the docks of Safe Harbor Marina in Key West.

My friend, Paulette, invited me and another friend to try out a dinner with The Lost Kitchen Supper Club. I had heard of it, but was not sure what or where this was, so this was the perfect opportunity to check it out.

TLKSC is a selected group of members that enjoy great cuisine. Members are invited to specialty pop up brunches, lunches, cocktail parties, and dinners, each showcasing micro brews, boutique wines, and craft cocktails. One week prior to each event a location, day, time, and menu will be released. However, you do not need to be a member to try out this club. 

This supper club idea, although not new, is new to Key West. It is the brain child of local chef and Key West native, Martin Liz. He is classically, French-trained, but loves using local ingredients such as the amazing seafood available here in Key West!

Beef tacos at the Key West Lost Supper Club.

The theme for the event we attended was Tacos, Tamales and Tequila, and it was just $25 per person. This “casual Friday” event was held at the docks of Safe Harbor Marina on Stock Island. The menu featured a variety of house made tamales and tacos and specialty drinks utilizing  Tequila and Mezcal (for an additional fee).

We were not super sure about the location, but when we finally figured it, we enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the location. And the weather was perfect, so sitting outside watching the boats bob around was so nice.

We went inside and ordered drinks. Paulette was brave and ordered the specialty drinks. One was a strawberry and roasted pepper concoction, and the other was a cucumber one. I did take a sip of each and they were not my cup of tea at all, so I went with a more traditional margarita, as did Katie.

Shrimp tacos at the Lost Supper Club in Key West.

When we got back to the table, there were corn chips and a smooth, thin, slightly spicy salsa on the table waiting for us. The salsa was different than anything we had ever tried before, but it was tasty and we polished it off.

The first thing that was brought out to us were tamales. I never did figure out exactly what was in these, but they were AMAZING! I could have eaten a couple of those and been perfectly content.

Next were a vegetarian taco and a pork taco.  The vegetarian taco with kale and mushrooms was interesting; none of us hated it, but none of us really loved it either. But the pork taco was really yummy. It was slightly sweet and tender and melded well with the peppers, onions, and other fixings they added to it.

These were followed up by steak tacos. The meat was super tender and a bit spicy. There was a hint of cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. We all loved these.

Last were shrimp tacos. We all loved these simple, delicate tacos as well.

All of the tacos were served with soft corn tortillas. I personally prefer hard tacos or flour tortillas, but I think these were a good call for allergy and traditional reasons.

For dessert we were brought out a bread pudding with a scoop of mamey ice cream. The bread pudding, which I am not typically a big fan of, was out of this world good! Mamey is a tropical fruit grown locally. It was a little tart, but refreshing, and paired well with the pudding.

I would certainly go to one of these events again. The food was interesting and delicious. The staff were all super nice. And it is a dining experience that is different from the norm. Next Friday they are doing a shrimp boil, so we are already planning on attending that one with more friends!  Seating is limited, so make your reservations quickly.

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