President Trump’s Visit to Key West

Not the greatest shot of Air Force One preparing to land in Key West. It was the best that I could do from my office at work.

Yesterday, April 19, 2018, President Trump briefly visited the island of Key West. He was the first sitting president to visit the island in 55 years. The last visit a sitting president made to our island was JFK back in 1962.

The reason for his visit was to tour the Joint Interagency Task Force South which fights drug trafficking.

His entire visit to Key West only lasted about two hours. But what he learned from the task force bolstered his belief that he should keep pushing for a border wall.

President Trump was greeted by hundreds of people lining the streets along the route from the Boca Chica Naval Base to downtown Key West.  Some residents were cheering for him while others were protesting his visit.

Whether you are a fan of President Trump or not, it was an exciting day in Key West.

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