Moondog Cafe: Restaurant Review

moondog cafe key west feel good bowl breakfast
The Feel Good Bowl filled with healthy grains and veggies at the Moondog Cafe in Key West.

I was pretty upset when the Six Toed Cat restaurant closed after Hurricane Irma in 2017. But in its place has risen a new restaurant called the Moondog Cafe. Located right next to the Hemingway House and Museum on Whitehead Street, there is no parking, so taking an Uber or a bike is the way to get here!

My husband and I went to Moondog with my cousin and his wife for breakfast last weekend. We were excited to try a new place, hoping that it was at least as good at STC was. Upon walking in, I was accosted by the baked goods that just looked mouthwatering. I wanted to buy one of everything, but that will have to wait for another day.

The atmosphere was very trendy and cute, but inside is very loud as well. I would recommend eating outside where the noise is less and the people watching is excellent if you do come here and the wait is not long. We were simply too hungry to wait the thirty plus minutes for a table outside. So our conversation was minimal because we didn’t want to yell across the table at each other, but we did enjoy all of the cute paintings on the walls.

key west moondog cafe quiche
Vegetable quiche at the Moondog Cafe in Key West.

There were so many tempting items on the menu, but we eventually had to place an order. I have been on a quiche kick, so I ordered the veggie quiche of the day which was served with a salad. My husband ordered a ham and cheese omelette and a pancake. My cousin ordered the Moondog Classic of scrambled eggs, sausage, toast, and breakfast potatoes. And his wife ordered the Feel Good Bowl which had organic red & white quinoa, sautéed red onion, pepper, kale, mushrooms, avocado, and pepitas (pumpkin seeds); you can add an egg to this dish if wanted for an extra fee.

The quiche looked gorgeous on the plate with the salad and was so delicious. It was creamy and filled with vegetables and oh so filling, so no lunch needed that day!

The other egg dishes that the guys got were delicious. My husband actually said that his omelette was the best omelette that he had ever eaten. No complaints there! However, the pancakes were a little rubbery.

ham and cheese omelette moondog cafe key west
Ham and Cheese omelette at the Moondog Cafe in Key West.

My cousin’s wife loved her bowl of healthiness. It looked amazing, but I am simply not a fan of quinoa myself, so I would not ever order this.

We could not resist all of the baked goods up front, so we ordered a piece of carrot cake with cinnamon cream cheese icing as dessert for the table. This was delicious as well, and the cinnamon icing was a nice twist on a classic recipe.

This was a bit expensive for breakfast; the bill came to $100 for the four of us. Still, we enjoyed the food so much that I am definitely coming back here to try some other menu items. Sitting outside would make the entire experience much more pleasant, not that it was unpleasant.

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