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February 19, 2020 – If you have ever read Patricia Schultz’s, 1,000 Place to See Before You Die, you would know that Key West is one of the places that is a must to visit. She bills the island as having “the charm and color of America’s last resort.” That is because of the amazing diversity of the eight square mile island city.

At the beginning of US 1 you will find the tiny island of Key West, Florida, the last of the Florida Keys that can be gotten to by car, connected by 42 bridges to the mainland. It is known as the Southernmost City of the Continental USA. One of the city’s tag lines is, “where the weird go pro”. That is probably because of the eccentric islanders, aka “Conchs” that call this place home. It has long been a haven to artists, writers, and people looking to escape.

With cruise ships coming into the port of Key West and the many shops selling souvenirs along Duval Street, if this is all one were to see, you may think twice about visiting the island. But Key West is so much more than a tourist trap that these things can paint it to be. Once the richest city per capita in the USA due to the many shipwrecks that used to occur so frequently, it has morphed into a place that people can come to relax without having to put on any airs.

A cannon at the East Martello Fort.

Key West is chock full of history. You can always read up on it, but experiencing some of it first hand is pretty cool. Seeing the remnants of the Overseas Railroad that was completed by Flagler in 1912 and destroyed in 1935 by a vicious hurricane. Visiting old military fortresses and even watching todays’ military flying over our skies. Exploring historical homes like the Harry Truman Little White House or the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum. There is just so much to see and learn about on the tiny island of Key West.

The weather in Key West is pretty awesome. Our rainy days are few, and when we do have rain it rarely lasts all day long. Yes, in the summer it is hot and humid, but with the sea breeze it is still cooler than many places on the mainland. And in the winter, the coldest temperature we have ever seen is 41 degrees which only lasted about a day. Our average high is 83 degrees and average low is 73 degrees.

The festivals and events are almost a constant in Key West. You can almost always find some kind of event to take part in on the island.

The water is gorgeous. Whether you spend time just gazing at it from the shore or you want to spend time on the water snorkeling, sailing or fishing, there are few places better than Key West. The Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean converge off of the islands, creating a unique ecosystem. And in these waters lies the largest living barrier coral reef in North America.

Key West Beach
Key West Beach

Travel to Key West is easy. And, there are numerous ways to get to Key West. You can drive, fly, or get to the island by boat! If you are a US citizen you can get a little taste of the Caribbean without all of the hassle that goes along with leaving the country and needing a passport. And once you get to Key West, you can get around the island without a car with ease! If walking and biking around isn’t for you, you can Uber, Lyft, or take a taxi or hotel shuttle. It really takes the stress out of travel!

I could keep going with this list. Like the fact that the island is very dog friendly and you can bring your BFF on vacation. That you might bump into a famous Key West resident like Judy Blume or a famous frequent visitor like Jimmy Buffett. That you can see some amazing wildlife like birds, turtles, and dolphins. That you can enjoy some amazingly fresh and delicious seafood at the different restaurants on the island. But I think you get the gist. So, make your travel plans today and experience my home city, Key West, Florida!

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