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Ernest Hemingway Writing Studio Key West

Key West Celebrates Ernest Hemingway Days July 2014

July is here and with it brings the annual Hemingway Days celebration which takes place around the famed author’s July 21st birthday. This year the celebration of Key West’s most famous resident, affectionately known as Papa, will be held from…

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Ernest Hemingway Key West

Key West: A Writer’s Paradise

Ernest Hemingway‘s name is synonymous with Key West. He may be our most well known writer ever to have called the island home, but there are plenty of other that have or still do call Key West home. Names like┬áTennessee…

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Key West Celebrates the 32nd Annual Hemingway Days

Hemingway Days is here again! And I know this for sure because when out and about Key West this week I feel like I have just stepped into a movie like Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris. Have you seen it?…

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Key West – The End of Hurricane Season 2011

So, today is November thirtieth. Officially this is the last day of the Atlantic hurricane season! I am surprised that someone in Key West has not started the “End of Hurricane Days Festival” or something like that to draw in…

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