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first flight restaurant and bar key west

First Flight Island Restaurant & Brewery

My husband and I had some business downtown to deal with the other day, and being close to dinner time, we decided to grab a bite someplace. Since we on Whitehead Street and had not been to Kelly’s Caribbean since…

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48 Hours in the Key West

I get asked all of the time what is not to be missed while in Key West and I always reply with something like, that all depends on what your interests are. For people like myself, visiting a few museums…

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Top Ten Reasons to Come to Key West

With so many possible destinations to go on vacation, why should someone come to Key West? Well, I am glad you asked! There are probably countless reasons why people visit our island Paradise, but I am going to give you…

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Key West Firehouse Museum

The Key West Firehouse Museum is an informative museum for those interested in firefighting and/or history. The building, formerly¬†Firehouse No. 3, was active from 1907 until 1998. It is one of the oldest firehouses in the state of Florida.¬†Retired Key…

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