Key West Restaurant Review: Update on ZaZa Pizzeria

After ordering overly expensive personal pizzas for take put a few weeks ago I decided that I did not want to cook so my husband and I had dinner there the other evening. Inside there were less people than the last time I stopped by to pick up food; it was still loud though. We ended up eating outside to avoid the noise. Plus it is a beautiful waterfront view sitting out there. And the weather was perfect for sitting outside and enjoying a meal.

The hostesses were very sweet. and to start out our waitress was very good too; friendly and on top of things. She brought us bread and drinks immediately. But as the meal progressed her service digressed.

We both ordered their small salad which was very good. Lots of mixed greens with a light vinaigrette dressing. And the fresh Italian bread was delicious.

For dinner I ordered the baked ziti and my husband ordered the spaghetti and meatballs. The spaghetti was very tasty. The sauce was good sauce but the meatballs were just okay; they were of a mushy consistency which was kind of gross, although they didn’t taste bad. The plate was a good size so you definitely got your money’s worth in that respect. My baked ziti was NOTHING like what I expected. I am Italian and a foodie on top of that and I have eaten baked ziti about a million times. This was more like ziti alfredo or ziti béchamel. There was no ricotta or red sauce. There was only ziti with a white cream sauce and some kind of crunchy topping. It gave me a stomach ache just looking at it and although it tasted just fine I was thoroughly disappointed as it was not what I expected from this dish nor what I desired. I told the waitress this and she could care less. I was definitely left wanting and the dish was left pretty much untouched.

When you order something that normally is served one way but it isn’t in a particular interest I believe that it is the server’s job to tell you this. It is like if you go and order chips and salsa and they end up giving you chips and guacamole instead because they happen to call it salsa. It may still taste okay but it was not what you ordered or wanted. Anyway…

We asked the waitress for dessert menus and instead she brought us the check. When I asked her where the dessert menu was she said she thought that we would be “full, full, full,” and that we would not want any dessert. She said that she would be happy to bring us a dessert menu at that point, but after that I was indeed done. We paid our $60 bill and headed home.

I think that that really may be my last visit to ZaZa’s. The food is not bad and neither is the setting but the service has a lot to be desired and much of the food is overpriced.


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