Key West Restaurants that Cook Your Catch!

cook your catch filet of fish
Your Fishing guide has prepared for you a nice filet of fish.

Visiting Key West and you went out on a fabulous fishing charter with Dream Catcher Charters or one of the other boats in the Key West fishing fleet and you caught yourself a keeper. A question that I get asked almost daily is, “where can I cook my catch?” My suggestions is always this; bring it to a local restaurant to have it cooked up so that you can enjoy it fresh. Fresh fish always tastes amazing!

Below is a list of Key West restaurants that will be happy to cook your catch for you. Just make sure that the fish is filleted by the captain or the mate beforehand otherwise you will have issues getting these establishments to cook your catch.

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Key West restaurants that will cook your catch

Key West hotels and resorts that will cook your catch

Mutton Snapper
Capt. Tommy of Dream Catcher Charters holds up a nice Mutton Snapper that will surly be headed to lunch for a Cook Your Catch Experience.

I love fresh fish as much as the next person, but please be respectful of the resources. Keeping a fish or two for a meal is great. But why fill a cooler full of fish that is going to get frozen or wasted? Especially  when you could be contributing to the destruction of a fishery by wiping out schools and burning down fish habitat that will not be able to recover.

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