Key West Watersports

Key West is famous for many things, but the crystalline waters surrounding the island is among the largest draws to our Paradise. A variety of water sports activities where one can combine adventure with the natural beauty of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean are available for locals and visitors alike to enjoy. Snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, jet skiing, kayaking, and paddle boarding are some of the more popular activities. There are also have water sports packages which encompass several activities at a discounted rate.

Key West is home to the only living coral reef in North America, so of course snorkeling charters are among the most popular activity in the water sports realm. Just seven miles offshore, the coral reef if teeming with tropical fish, sponges, anemones, crustaceans, rays, sea turtles, and lots of other sea life.  And unlike the other water sports activities, snorkel trips are offered on publicly as well as privately where you can have a more relaxed and focused charter. Oh, and yes, you do need to be able to swim in order to snorkel, but our friendly guides will offer you instruction on the snorkeling aspect. 

Scuba diving allows you to see the same type of sea life at the reef that you would snorkeling, but more in depth. However, you are required to hold a PADI or NAUI dive certification for most of these trips. There are resort courses, also known as dive in a day activities. This allows a person without a certification to take a class in the morning and dive in the afternoon with an instructor. While this does not certify you, it will give you that opportunity to dive and see if it is an activity that you would like to pursue.

Parasailing is a great way to get a view of Key West and the surrounding backcountry islands from the air. A short boat ride out into the beautiful waters and then it is up, up, and away in a parasail chute. While this is certainly not the activity for those afraid of heights, many adventure seekers enjoy this activity every day.

Jet skiing and wave runner rentals and tours are an exciting way to view the island from the water and fulfill your need for speed. Just be careful and be respectful of the other boats around you.

Kayaking is the ultimate activity for the eco-friendly nature lover. You can rent these boats on an hourly basis or you can take a tour which will once again give you a wonderful view of Key West from the water while allowing you to get pretty up close and personal with the area wildlife.

 Akin to the kayaking, paddle boarding has been taking the island by storm as of late. Those that like to be one with nature can also get a great workout while paddling one of these boards through the calm backcountry waters.

So as you can see, Key West has many water sports activity options available for just about any type of person. Come and enjoy our pristine waters!