Key West Restaurant Reviews

Seems like every time the sun sets here in Key West there are two more restaurants opening and one closing. As a Key West local who loves great food of all types, I visit each of these places as they come and let you know if they should stay or go. I also revisit other places that come under new management or some of my favorites just because I like them.

My restaurant reviews are purely my opinion about the service, value and atmosphere of the place in comparison to other places in Key West as well as places I have enjoyed elsewhere. My visits are not pre-informed nor reserved by name, so the effect is that of any ordinary person walking in to a particular restaurant and receiving services and food. The way a review should be.

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Tiki Torch
Tiki Torch During Sunset at Kaya’s Island Eats Photo: Steven Lamp

Located In Key West and Stock Island 

Located Just Up The Road From Key West

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Dear Restaurant Owners 

Key West is a tourist destination. Tourists come here to experience what we as locals live everyday and they make up a large majority of Key West restaurant patronage. Often, the restaurant is the only taste a tourist takes home with them. I try to help them  by sharing my personal dining experiences.

I will not accept free meals to visit your place. Invitations are fine and a locals discount would be great but the reviews I share here must be non-biased to best serve our island visitors. Your offers are much appreciated. Thanks. :).

For those owners that do not like my reviews, may I suggest that  you have a chat with your staff and see what you can do to obtain a more consistent service which will benefit our guests and you as well in the long run. I do not come to nit-pick and I do get it when things just go wrong. But, there are no excuses for bad service, improperly cooked meals or sloppy atmosphere unless that is what your marketing suggests.