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Located at 1000 Eaton Street, Eaton Good has recently opened with a new reincarnation of this space. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner from 8am until 8pm, their small but eclectic menu is interesting. My friend Pam and I decided to try it for breakfast over the weekend. 

The property is small, with a couple of parking spots available for customers and outdoor seating. Simply go inside and place your order and they will bring it out to you when it is ready.

The Food

For breakfast, which they serve until noon, they offer a selection of croissants and danish, both sweet and savory. They also have breakfast sandwiches and a nice coffee menu which is available until 4pm. 

Pam and I decided to split one sweet and one savory danish. We each also ordered a breakfast sandwich. And of course we both got lattes, because what is breakfast without coffee?

The lattes, which we ordered with regular milk, (they also offer oat milk for an additional fee) were really delicious. Our danish were brought out next. I really cannot tell you what was in it, but the savory one was tasty. The creme brûlée danish was light and sweet and I would definitely get that one again.

Our sandwiches came out wrapped in foil. Pam got egg and cheese on a roll and I got a bacon, egg and cheese on a croissant. The croissant version was bigger, so if you are hungry, go with that option. I actually could not finish mine. Keep in mind I also had a danish. The eggs were scrambled, although they were a little wet for my taste. And while it tasted fine, the sandwich was not anything special and didn’t blow my mind. It really needed a little extra something, but I am not sure what that could have been. Pam felt much the same about her sandwich. 

The Take Away

Part of how we felt about the food here might have been because the previous restaurant at this location, Bien, made the most AMAZING breakfast sandwiches. I think we were hoping for something along those lines. 

While we might not go here again for breakfast, I would get coffee here again. But I would like to try out a few things on the rest of the menu. The wood fired rotisserie chicken sounds really good. They also smoke pork and make a selection of sandwiches for lunch. Stay tuned for a lunch review at a later date!

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