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The perfect fall breakfast; Sarabeth's Pumpkin Waffle.
The perfect fall breakfast; Sarabeth’s Pumpkin Waffle.

I decided to bring my Mom to Sarabeth’s for breakfast on the last day of her visit to Key West recently. It had been awhile since I had eaten here and I was hoping that it was as good as I remembered it being. As I pulled up to the restaurant which is located on Simonton Street, I felt lucky indeed as there was front row parking available! Since there was a wait for an outside table and no wait for one inside we opted to eat inside the gorgeous, historic  1800’s era converted clapboard house.

The waitress was amazing. She was at our table almost instantly taking our drink order; water and two coffees. They were brought out quickly and she kept them filled throughout our meal. They make a very, very good cup of coffee, so I ended up drinking enough that morning to keep me alert all day!

Mom ordered the fat and fluffy french toast and I ordered the pumpkin waffle. Oh, and I had to get a side of crisp bacon as well, because what is breakfast without bacon? The nicely presented food was brought out expeditiously. It all looked amazing, but how did it taste? Heavenly!

First, I took a bite of Mom’s french toast which was served with fresh strawberries and a side of real maple syrup. It was so fluffy and light. I would have to say that it was the best french toast I have ever tried. I think that anyone would enjoy this for breakfast, even if you are not normally a french toast fan.

Mmmmm...Sarabeth's Fat and Fluffy French Toast.
Mmmmm…Sarabeth’s Fat and Fluffy French Toast.

Onto my waffle. It was topped with a dollop of sour cream, fresh strawberries, raisins, and pumpkin seeds, also served with a side of real maple syrup. The waffle was thin, light, and just enough of a crisp texture to it on the outside while still being soft on the inside. I was skeptical of the sour cream, but it melded perfectly flavor-wise with the pumpkin flavored waffle, the seeds, and the raisins.

By the way, the bacon was perfectly cooked and was the ideal compliment to either dish we enjoyed.

The waitress brought us our check and I asked her about purchasing Sarabeth’s preserves. She pointed me to the display and said to grab whatever I wanted and that she would add it to the bill. I found a nice strawberry rhubarb and brought it back to the table with me. The waitress then presented us with a revised bill and brought over a little bag for my preserves along with a brochure for other exclusive Sarabeth goodies.

Once home I took a spoonful of preserves to taste and was pleased with the taste and the nice, thick consistency with chunks of yummy fruit. It will be amazing on toast!

So happy that my Mom’s stay ended on such a great note with a wonderful dining experience at Sarabeth’s.

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