Tongo’s Mexican Food: Key West Food Truck Review Series

Today, we decided to try something new for lunch. We felt like Mexican food, so we drove into Key West to try out Tongo’s food truck which has been located at the Pawn Shop on Roosevelt Blvd for awhile now. Parking was no problem. We walked up to the window and after perusing the menu for a few minutes we decided to go with a chicken quesadilla and a pastor huarache as well as a couple of cafe con leches. There were some communication problems with the staff, but it all got figured out eventually.

The cafe con leches were made first and we enjoyed sipping on the steaming hot coffee while we waited for our food to be prepared. After about ten minutes the food was ready. We sat at one of the two tables in the parking lot and tucked into our food.

The quesadilla cost $13. It was supposed to have chicken, peppers, onions, and cheese. There were not any peppers or onions in mine which really disappointed me. It was not a bad quesadilla; just boring. It was served with a side of pico which helped to make it a little less boring. A side of ranch dressing was also on the plate which I thought was weird and did not enjoy.

Garrett enjoyed his meal, although he was pretty sure that they gave him something other than what he actually ordered. We never did figure out what he actually got.

For the $60 that we paid for this lunch, which I thought was exorbitant for a mediocre food truck experience, I would not go back here. But, glad we tried it. Tongo’s is open from 8am until 7pm. They also offer delivery!

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