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Once a year my husband attends the Miami Boat Show. Usually, I stay in Key West and work. But, every now and then I join him. This year I decided to join him, so we woke up early and headed up the Keys. Around Islamorada we started to feel a bit hungry so we decided that we would stop someplace we have never been to grab a quick breakfast. When Harbor Cafe came into view we pulled in looking forward to some delicious Cuban coffee and something to eat.

There were a couple of small tables outside and inside there were also just a couple of seats. We studied the menu as we waited in line to order our food. We decided to split the “Islamorada Breakfast Bowl” along with a blueberry muffin and we each got a cafe con leche. This came to about $25 which we paid and went outside to wait for the food. At one of the outdoor tables was a group of regulars that could not say enough great things about the place, so we talked to them while we waited.

When our food was ready, it was brought out to us and without even asking the kitchen had split the bowl up into two which was so thoughtful. The coffees were very good; if you have never had a Cuban coffee I highly recommend trying one! The bowl consisted of 4 eggs scrambled with green peppers, onions, tomatoes, American cheese, and sausage (or bacon or ham). I was really not expecting anything great, but it was amazing! The sautéed veggies really made the dish I think. It was also served with a huge piece of Cuban toast which was just so delicious. The blueberry muffin was delicious as well.

It was definitely a winning breakfast spot. So much so that we stopped back by on our way home from Miami a few days later and got the same thing and it was done just as perfectly the second time around. Once again, we bumped into more regular getting empanadas which they said were the best. So, I had to try one and I got a shredded beef empanada that I saved for lunch. And, it was the best empanada that I have ever eaten. Usually, they are super greasy or bland, but this one was neither.

Harbor Cafe also has a vast menu of coffees, teas, and other great breakfast and lunch options. They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 8am until 3pm. You can find them at 90311 Old Highway A, in Tavernier, FL.

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