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Amigo’s Tortilla Bar is a fairly new restaurant located on Green Street, directly across the street from Captain Tony’s Saloon. I LOVE Mexican food so I was really excited to try this place. Amigo’s has a great location, a nice website, and a neat menu. The place is very small and seating is mostly bar style which is fine. You are not coming here for a fancy meal. We took up a few bar stools looking out at Captain Tony’s so we had a great view. The waitress came over and was friendly enough. She took our drink orders, and since I ordered the sangria she carded me. She then brought out water for us all and Cokes for those who ordered them. I asked her about the sangria then and she said it was coming. I never saw it so I cannot attest to the taste. But the Coke’s were good.

We ordered chips and salsa, a carne asada burrito, a couple of shredded beef tacos, a carnitas burrito, and a couple of chorizo potato tacos with rice and beans. Granted, this is a little bar type atmosphere, so I was not expecting to be served with fine china, but the food was brought to us on little plastic trays reminiscent of elementary school days. Presentation was not good to start, but I was more concerned about the food and how it tasted.

The chips were stale but the salsa was passable. Onto the main entrees… The tacos looked very strange; nowhere on the menu did it give you an option for crunchy or soft tacos, and I guess it was my fault for not asking, but they were anything but crunchy. They were actually slimy. And on top of that the shredded beef tasted horrible; I almost spit out my first bite it was so bad. I would go so far as to say that they were totally inedible. I sent them back and ordered a chicken burrito with the advice of the waitress. She brought it out fairly quickly and was quite impressed with herself for doing so. The carne asada burrito, the chicken burrito, and the carnitas burrito were edible, but I wouldn’t exactly call them tasty. But once again the chorizo and potato tacos were slimy and my friends only ate the filling.

I can honestly say that this place made Taco Bell seem like gourmet Mexican fare. Unfortunately, we no longer have a Taco Bell on our island. But we do have a few other really good Mexican restaurants that the locals frequent, such as Chico’s Cantina, Old Town Mexican Cafe, and Salsa Loca.

When we were brought the check the tacos that were sent back were still on the bill. We questioned the waitress about it and she said, “Oh, I guess I can take that off for you if you like.” Umm, you think? At that point though I just wanted to leave so we paid our tab of $75 + and departed. At least the sangria was not on the bill.

As I said before, the location is a great people watching spot. Come here and get a coke or a beer, but stay away from the food (later that night I was actually ill from the food here, the only thing I ate that day). I think that to actually enjoy a meal at Amigo’s you have to be drunk because it was absolutely the worst food that I can ever remember being served in a restaurant before. Maybe they would have gotten a better review if I had actually gotten my sangria.

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