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Shor is located at the Hyatt Resort at 601 Front Street in Key West. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week. After hearing my friend rave about this place, we decided to try it out for dinner the other night. The nice thing about eating at hotel restaurant is that there is usually parking available and there is typically no wait time when other area restaurants are booked up. But we did make reservations just in case.

We used the valet which was nice. Then we walked through the property grounds to the restaurant. Along the way we met a guy with a marmoset wearing a diaper which was pretty interesting start to our evening I am not sure if he was staying at the hotel or if he was a local.) The grounds were very pretty and they had live turtles everywhere which was very cool. Obviously the property has a turtle motif going on here.

When we got to the restaurant, there were only a couple of other tables already filled. We were seated outside looking over the water but it was so hot we asked to be moved inside which they immediately accommodated us on, seating us at a great window table so that we still had a fabulous view of the water and the eminent sunset. Unfortunately, there were no shades on the windows and the sun was blinding us. Luckily, the sun was setting shortly so we dealt with it until then.

It seemed as though the restaurant was working with an abbreviated menu. I am not sure if it was because of the time of year but it did not have many choices compared to the menu I views online before making the reservation. However, it was interesting how they had the menu set up. For dinner you could choose a fish or meat, the type of seasoning you wanted it prepared with, and the type of sauce that you wanted to accompany the meal. They also had a few other options that did not allow for this, which is what we all ended up going for.

We ordered a few drinks and a couple of appetizers; the crab and artichoke dip and the fresh catch sliders. The bread that they brought out was delicious. I was not impressed with the appetizers but they were not bad; in fact, everyone else at the table enjoyed them. We all ordered salads as well. The greens were fresh and the presentation was wonderful, but the dressings were so tart and vinegary that they were unenjoyable. The waiter was kind enough to remake two of the salads at our request with another dressing but it was still too pungent. The guys got the steak with fries and my sister and I ordered the sweet potato encrusted snapper. The steak was not bad, but it was not overly impressive either; the green beans that the meat was served over were cooked to perfection though. The snapper presentation was wonderful. It was served with some baby carrots over a bed of pureed broccoli. It all tasted fine but it was a bit bland and needed much salt to bring it to life. For dessert we all got coffee, and we shared a chocolate lava cake, a key lime pie, and an apple crisp. These were all good, but I have had better at Outback.

The service was wonderful throughout the meal and we were never left wanting for water or drinks. Our server was always attentive and helpful. At the end of the night the bill was around $300. I thought it was expensive for two couples. And although the service was good, all in all I found the food to be mediocre.

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