Key West Restaurant Review: Ambrosia

My BFF”s birthday was Thursday so to celebrate she wanted to go to her favorite sushi restaurant, Ambrosia. When we got there at 7pm there was nobody there yet, but as the evening progressed the place became packed. Moral, make a reservation to eat here, lol.

Ambrosia is located at the Santa Marina Suites on Simonton Street. The decor is very modern and sleek.

When we first arrived we sat at the bar for a little bit and got a drink. Saki, sakitinis, beer. The sakitinis are the bartender’s version of a martini, but made with saki instead of vodka. I had a white peach sakitini that was delicious, if not a bit sweet. But after one I was good with water the rest of the evening. (Typically I order plumb wine which is also a sweet wine that I adore, but I decided to go with something different since other members of our group got sakitinis too. The bartender was fantastic (sorry cannot remember his name).

When we were seated at our table, everyone ordered appetizers: duck tataki, edamame, salads. All were very yummy and very fresh. The edamame was salted perfectly, the duck was different but definitely interesting, and the salads were large and fresh with deliciously ripe Hass avocados and a gingery dressing.

We then all picked out a bunch of rolls for the table and shared. When our platter came it was so huge there was almost no room on the table. All the sushi was fresh and delicious. And I truly am not a big fan of sushi. I like the tuna rolls and the cooked rolls, but all of the different rolls I tried that night, even the stuff that to me is unusual that I myself would never order, were tasty.

I tried to take a picture of the plate, but the lighting was low and my iPhone takes crappy pics so unfortunately I do not have one to share. I have to say that we have received better service here on our previous dining experiences than we did on this evening. Our waitress spoke so low I don’t think any of us could hear her. And she was not very attentive. Actually, the bartender wafered by half way through our meal and we flagged him down for some water because we were parched.

Also, I am not a fan of the dessert here. We had gotten their banana thingie once and did not really enjoy it. Being it was my friend’s birthday, I smuggled her in some Publix cupcakes to enjoy. (I wish I had time to make them myself, but I didn’t and she loved the cupcakes so it all worked out well!)

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