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Avocado Sashimi Salad
Avocado Sashimi Salad

My husband and I decided to take the motorcycle downtown this past Saturday night on the spur of the moment. When we made it downtown we decided to get a bite to eat somewhere. I suggest sushi at Origami located in Duval Square. They have parking and outdoor seating and the weather was just perfect. The food is always fresh and delicious and the setting is tropical and unpretentious. Even though they were fairly busy we found a table for two in front of the entrance. The hostess brought us over menus and our drink order was taken immediately; I like that. We both ordered water and I also got my favorite, plum wine which was brought out quickly. We looked over the sushi options and made our selections. The waitress came over to collect the menus and made sure she understood our order.

As we talked and enjoyed the atmosphere and weather, our salads were brought out to us. My husband opted for the house salad which I love and what I normally get, but instead I ordered the avocado sashimi which was so yummy. The fresh mixed greens and sprouts were topped with a ripe, sliced avocado and drizzled with miso dressing and sesame seeds. A perfect taste combination for the palate.

Shortly after we finished our salads our sushi arrived. Normally when one orders sushi the server points to the different pieces and tells you what is what, and while the server attempted to do so, we quickly realized she had no idea of what anything on our plate actually was so we dismissed her and dug in. This is the only thing that I can ding them on, not that I was looking for anything. Luckily we only ordered a couple of things so we could figure it out fairly easily, but I would have been a little irritated if we were there with a group of friends and ordered a several more rolls than what we did that night. In a word, the rolls and the sashimi were fresh and tasty.

We ordered a Florida roll with tuna, orange and rice wrapped in soy paper. The orange combined nicely with the fish for a tropical freshness. We also ordered a spicy tuna roll which I did not think was especially spicy, but good. And we got a Rainbow roll which I did not try as I am not big on salmon. My husband also got a few pieces of sushi and sashimi, one being baby octopus which I don’t care how good it tastes I could not eat it because it looks so unappealing, but he absolutely loved it.

The night was a perfect evening out in Key West. Good company, delicious food, friendly service, and great weather.

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