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Normally I write about Key West and the Lower Keys, but I am taking a slight departure here and writing about a place located in Marathon which is really only about a 45 minute drive away from Key West.

The first time I ate at the Island was over 10 years ago, and back then it was just a little hole in the wall place to get some pretty good grub. Well, today this place has exploded; they not only offer good food at the expanded restaurant, but the property now also has a beach bar, a gift shop, a marina, and a heliport.

Outside view of the Island Fish Company in Marathon, Florida.
Outside view of the Island Fish Company in Marathon, Florida.

My husband Steven and I and Indiana Bones (of course) drove up to Marathon last Sunday to meet some friends for dinner. I suggested the Island because I remember that I really liked it back in the day and I wanted to try it out again. We were seated at a booth and our waiter that we nicknamed Gingie during the course of our meal for obvious reasons was immediately there to get our drink order. A pina colada, a mojito, a key lime colada, and a few beers. The coladas were not bad, but I have to say that the mojito was one of the best I have ever had.

We ordered fish dip as an appetizer which took a little while to be brought out. It had a good consistency but the dip itself was slightly bland, although by no means bad. I would have liked for there to be some jalepeno peppers or something similar served along with to make it pop.

For dinner we all ordered salads which were fresh and crisp.

For an entree I got the stuffed shrimp which was served with steamed broccoli and cauliflower and black beans with rice. It was really, really good, and so much food that I could not finish it. The mango and crab stuffing was delicious and not too rich and it did not overpower the shrimp which were cooked perfectly.

My husband ordered a pound of peel and eat shrimp which where also prepared perfectly. And most importantly, they were not seasoned to death like some places do. You could actually taste the fresh shrimp and enjoy them with a little cocktail sauce.

My friend Christine ordered one of the specials which consisted of pasta done al dente and filled with seafood. Again, the seafood was cooked just right and not in the least overdone.

And her husband Mark ordered the snapper special which again was not overcooked or overpowered by the sauces. The enhancements were just enough to do just that and enhance the flavor rather than take over the flavor.

For dessert we all ordered coffee which was smooth and not burnt, yay! Christine ordered the flour less chocolate cake which was super rich and delicious. It almost had a mousse like quality to it it was so velvety. I tried the triple berry pie which was served with a dollop of whipped cream. The pie was delicious but almost too sweet so I did not finish it.

All in all our meal was great and so was the service. Gingie had a great personality and went along with all of the fun that we had with him. He also made sure that our drinks never ran dry, whether it was alcohol, water, or coffee in our cups. I was very pleased that the Island has only gotten better with time and that the gang all enjoyed their meals.

If you are staying in the Marathon area I highly recommend the Island Fish Company as a place to stop by to enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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