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I may have lived in the Florida Keys for well over twenty years now, but I will always be a Jersey girl, and with that comes a complete love for pizza. One of the things that I really miss is a good slice of Sicilian pizza. Down here, it is like no one has ever even heard of this think and delicious pizza sold by the slice in just about any New Jersey pizzeria. Well, I finally found someplace that actually has it on their menu!!!

As my husband and I took a leisurely drive through Old Town, Key West this weekend, I saw the sign for Clemente’s Trolley Pizzeria. “Hey,” I yelled to him. “There is that pizza place I have been wanting to try out.” So we swung around and parked so we could get a slice. No matter I just had pizza the night before at Roostica, which I also love. Like I said, I love pizza.

Clemente’s makes their dough from scratch daily, and their pizzas are all made with homemade San Marzano SOP sauce unless it is white pizza in which case it is topped with an olive oil and roasted garlic glaze. Then they are cooked in a brick oven until perfect. They also have a gluten free crust available.

Like most places situated just off of Duval Street, inside is very small, so we opted to sit at a table outside; plus the weather was absolutely perfect for it. We were brought out glasses of water almost immediately and given a few minutes to decide what to order. While I considered a salad, I decided to be bad and skip out and just go pizza all the way, Gilmore Girls style. Anyway, I ordered a slice of the Sicilian topped with pepperoni as I was super excited to see that on the menu. And we also ordered the meat lovers pizza which was loaded with pepperoni, sausage, meatballs, and bacon. Their pizzas are 12″ and enough to feed two regular people or one hungry guy.

Right off the bat I was happy to see that they brought out shakers of red pepper and parmesan with the pizza. As I bit into the thick yet light Sicilian slice, I was transported to New Jersey pizzerias of my youth. Everything melded perfectly and it was delicious. After thoroughly enjoying that, I took a slice of the meat lovers. This was also delicious; just the right ratio of sauce to cheese to meat. My one and only qualm was that the bacon needed to be cooked more as I only enjoy crispy bacon and this was far from crispy. It was easy enough for me to pick off, and my husband sis not mind the consistency.

All in all… Pizza success! We were about to ask for the bill when our waiter asked if we wanted a cannoli. They offer a cannoli of the day which happened to be Key Lime, and a traditional cannoli as well. Well, what self respecting Sicilian girl does not get a cannoli when offered? I like my Italian food more traditional, so I did not opt for the Key Lime special. Two small cannolis were brought out on a small plate. I had every intention of only eating one and letting my husband have the other, but when I took the first bite I was in heaven and snatched the other away from him. They were too good to share.

Clemente’s does offer delivery in Old Town only. Unfortunately, with my being on Stock Island, they won’t come to me, so I will just need to make it a point to come down here again next time I am craving a slice of Sicilian and a cannoli. They also offer pasta dishes and have a nice beer and wine selection. And if you don’t find a wine you like on their menu (which I do not think would happen), Uva Wine Shoppe is literally right across the street.

So, if you are staying downtown, order a pizza for delivery or pop on in to their location at 516 Fleming Street. You won’t be sorry!

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