Key West: 11-11-11

Well, it will be quite some time before humanity sees this date again. I was getting a lot of calls for accommodations for this week and every one of the places that I work with and all of the ones that I don’t work with as well were totally booked up. Yes, the World Super Boat Races are this week, but in years past there has still been some availability on accommodations down here during that week. What I just found out was the the date 11-11-11 is the most popular date for weddings this year. So, in addition to all of the visitors to our area for the races, we also have a bunch of visitors here for Destination Weddings. Who woulda’ thunk it.

So does that mean that next year 12-12-12 will be crazy busy for weddings too?

On that note, Key West is a great plea for destination weddings. We have fabulous venues such as the Hemingway House and Museum, Smathers Beach, the Golf Course, on of the many beautiful resorts or B&B’s, or one of the great boats we have down here (which is what my husband and I did by the way).

I’ll blog another time all about Key West Destination Weddings. Until then…

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