Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservancy

A butterfly resting at the Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservancy

My husband and I decided to play tourist one day this weekend and visited a couple of attractions including the Butterfly Conservancy. We had not visited in years even though it is such a beautiful place.

Before you head into the gardens teeming with butterflies and birds, the learning center preps visitors with a fifteen minute film about the butterfly’s lifecycle as well as allowing for some close up views of live caterpillars on a host planet.

When we finally walked into the gardens after being in the learning center, it was like walking into a fairytale. The space is fanciful and fragrant with flowering plants for the butterflies to feed on. The brick path though the garden passes by a waterfall and a pond complete with a pair of flamingos; these birds are total hams by the way! As you take in all of the scenery under the glass ceiling, colorful butterflies and birds swoop by in search of a little fun or their next meal. It was truly a relaxing and enchanting experience.

Flamingos, Rhett and Scarlett, at the Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservancy

Make sure to have a camera with you, as you will find ample opportunities to take photos of the lovely plants and wildlife. We sure did!

After you have spent enough time in the garden, you can enjoy the gallery and the gift shop. Wings of Imagination crafts art by sealing butterflies in airtight acrylic cases. They may not be for everyone, but they are colorful and very pretty and worth a look at.

The gift shop also sells a plethora of books, art, and more all with a nature theme. We ended up buying a piece of metal art from the gift shop to hang on our wall at home along with a couple of hand made wooden trays.

Located on the quiet end of Duval Street, the Conservancy is opened from 9am until 5pm and the gift shop and gallery is opened from 9am until 5:30pm.

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