Key West Superboat Races: Sunday Recap

The final day of the races went much better than the first two days. There were no fatalities. That being said, there was still an accident with serious injuries that marred the final day. Warpaint, a 38 foot boat powered with twin 750-HP motors, slammed into a wave; both drivers were taken to the hospital but they are both expected to be released.

Many of the racers on this last day posted numbers of Big Thunder and Page Motorsports on the sides of their boats in memory of the dead. And two teams, Stihl and Motley Crew, both in the Super Cat class, honored their fallen colleagues by completing only three laps of the ten-lap course; one lap for each of the dead.

With three deaths in this one event, the 2011 Superboat Races will go down in history as the deadliest  week in the history of this event in sixteen years. The racers know that they are putting their lives on the line, and nobody was forcing them to go out there and race in poor conditions, as this week was significantly windier than in years past. But at the same time nobody wants to drop out of the race because they are scared. There was a lot of talk, however, by the racers about coming up with better safety standards for this type of racing.

Sunday Results:

Superboat Unlimited – Cintron

Superboat Vee Extreme – Lucan Oil

Turbine – Miss Geico

Superboat 750 – Warpaint

Superboat 850 – Team CRC

Super Cat – Stihl

Superboat Vee Limited – Watch Your Back

Superboat Stock – Peters and May

Manufactured Prod 1 – Ukranian Spirit

Manufactured Prod 2 – Hawaiian Tropic

Manufactured Prod P3 – Seagull

Manufactured Prod P4 – Reinforcer


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