The Neighborhoods of Key West, Florida

February 7, 2020 – Key West is a small island in the Florida Keys. It is the Southernmost of the islands that you can drive to. At just 2 x 4 miles long, there are several neighborhoods on the island that you can live in or just visit. If you are looking to move here, there are many realtors that can help you locate a home or condo to fulfill your dream of island living. If you just want to visit, many of the neighborhoods have hotels, resorts, B&B’s or vacation rentals. What better way to check a place out to see if you want to live there!

bahama village key west florida
Bahama Village

Bahama Village – Covering over 16 blocks, this neighborhood is named for the original residents who were of Bahamian ancestry. Many popular restaurants such as Blue Heaven and Santiago’s Bodega now dot this area. There is also a public swimming pool in the neighborhood.

Casa Marina – This area is named for the Casa Marina hotel, built by Henry Flagler in the early part of the 1900’s. It is known as the grand hotel of the island and is a focal point of the area.

Duval Street – This is a commercial street that runs north and south, touching both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Lined with bars, restaurants, art galleries, inns, and shops, this is a prime tourist area. One can appreciate the beautiful architecture of the buildings that line the street, many of which are on the historical register.

Island Genn
Island Genn And Indiana Bones walking on Duval Street.

Golf Club – Located on Stock Island within the city limits of Key West. The gated residential area is located on a public golf course designed by Reese Jones.

The Meadows – Described as a quiet and charming neighborhood with gorgeous old homes.

New Town – On the eastern side of the island, these houses are typically larger than homes downtown with yards. It is a convenient neighborhood as this is where the island’s three shopping centers, grocery stores, and several other merchants are are located.

Old Town – This is the historic district of Key West, basically the western half of the island. The major tourist attractions are on this section of the island.

Poinciana – Originally military housing, the City of Key West purchased the land from the Navy and now uses the area for affordable housing.

Harry Truman Little White House in Truman Annex, Key West, FL.
Harry Truman Little White House in Truman Annex, Key West, FL.

Truman Annex – Named for Present Harry Truman who spend much time here during his presidency, this area is part neighborhood and part military installation. It also houses the Harry Truman Little White House Museum which is a real historical gem.

Trumbo Point – This area is a man-made addition to the island of Key West, built in the early 1900’s for the Overseas Railroad. The US Navy later acquired the area. Today, it is primarily used for military housing and it also houses the tallest building on the island of Key West. The northernmost part of Fleming Key is home to the US Army Special Operations Scuba School. It is a restricted area, closed to anyone without special clearance.  

White Street – Geographically, this is the center of the island. It is known as the art district for the number of art galleries located here.

Tank Island – aka Sunset Key. This island is located just 500 yards from Key West and can be gotten to only by boat. There are only 48 homes on this island currently. The island was originally constructed by the US Navy as a fuel depot in the 1960’s. Their plans changed and the government sold the island to a private developer. Each of the homes on this island are valued at well over a million dollars. You can catch a ferry from the Margaritaville Resort on Front Street in Key West and go to the island’s spa or have a meal at the restaurant, Latitude’s.

Sigsbee – aka Dredgers Key, is a separate island connected to Key West via bridge. This island is part of the Key West Naval Air Station and has military housing, the Navy Exchange, a school, an RV park and more.

So, that is your Key West geography and history lesson for today!

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