Frequently Asked Questions About Key West

Having worked in the tourist industry here in Key West for over 15 years, you can imagine that I frequently get a lot of questions about the island. Below, some of the best questions that I can recall right now are posted. But, if there is something you don’t see here that you have a question about, feel free to email me and maybe I will add it to my list here!

Key West International Airport
Key West International Airport

Popular Questions About Key West

Q. What is the best time to visit Key West?

A. It is always a good time to visit Key West. But, for each individual person, that answer will differ depending on what you want to do. Are you wanting to come: when it is less crowded? When there is a particular festival? When it is hot? When it is cheap? When a particular fish is prevalent?

Q. Is Key West / Duval Street safe?

A. Like anywhere in the world, Key West does have crime, but most of that is pretty mild. I have personally never felt unsafe on the island.

Q. What is special about Key West?

A. There is so much that makes Key West special. We are the Southernmost City in the continental United States with wonderful weather most of the year, ample historical sites and a rich history, surrounded by the gorgeous waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, making it a rich area for fishing, snorkeling, and sightseeing on and off the water.

Q. How many times a day can I watch the sun set in Key West.

A. Ummm, once!

Q. Is Uber / Lyft available in Key West or should I rent a car?

A. Yes, we have Uber and Lyft. And, I recommend using these services over renting a car unless you plan on going island hopping while you are here. The island of Key West is just 3×5 miles, so parking is difficult in most places because space is at a premium. Plus, taking a cab or a ride share service or even riding around a rented bicycle or scooter is a much easier way to get around on our small island.

Q. Can I sleep in my car in Key West?

A. No, you cannot sleep in your car or camp in your car in Key West.

Q. What airport do I fly into to get to Key West?

A. You can fly directly into Key West International Airport. Or, you can fly into Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, get a rental car, and drive the approximately 3 hours that is takes to get to us. If you have never done the drive along the US1 Overseas Hwy, it is worth it for the gorgeous views crossing the 42 bridges connecting the 113 miles chain of islands that makes up the Florida Keys.

Q. Can I drive to Key West?

A. Yes! You can also come to Key West by boat or by plane.

Q. What are the locals hangouts In Key West?

A. If I tell you they won’t be locals hangouts anymore! Seriously though, we locals go to pretty much all of the same places that the tourists do.

Q. Is Key West good for family vacations?

A. Yes, as there as so many family friendly things to do on the island. But I might avoid staying on Duval Street with smaller children and stay somewhere more family oriented like the Casa Marina area, New Town, or Stock Island.

Q. Is Key West dog Friendly?

A. Key West is very much a dog friendly place. While there are plenty of places that you cannot bring your BFF on the island, you will find no shortage of places that will be happy to show both you and your pet a fine time. Some of my favorites include: Wyland Gallery, Coach, Banana Cafe, Louie’s Backyard, Croissants de France, Moondog Cafe, Hogfish Bar and Grill, Roostica, Ocean’s Edge Resort, and Dream Catcher Charters, just to name a few!

Q. Is Key West a good place for corporate retreats?

A. Yes, there are many things for corporate groups to do and enjoy in Key West. Fishing, golfing, and scavenger hunts are some of the more popular options. Plus, we have several large resort properties with meeting facilities should you need those!

Q. Is Key West a good place for couples?

A. Yes, couples seem to really enjoy Key West. The night life is fun, the beaches are warm, and activities like private snorkeling charters and sunset sails can be very romantic.

Q. What is the best beach in Key West?

A. For me, that answer is Fort Zachary Taylor State Park. But, there are plenty of other beaches on the island, each with their own merits.

Q. Does anyone famous live in Key West?

A. Yes! We have had our share of famous residents calling Key West home.

Q. Can we swim / snorkel in Key West year round?

A. Yes, you can swim or snorkel year round in Key West. In our colder months, the water temperature does not typically drop below 68°F. The average water temperature in Key West in winter is 75.2°F, in spring 78.8°F, in summer 86°F, and in fall 82.4°F.

Q. Does Key West have any All Inclusive Resorts?

A. No, you will not find any All Inclusive Resorts in Key West. However, many properties do offer packages, so check directly with each property.

Q. Can we travel to Cuba from Key West?

A. Not currently.

Q. What is the Hemingway bar in Key West?

A. Sloppy Joe’s is the bar famously frequented by Hemingway when he lived in Key West. However, present day Captain Tony’s Saloon is the original location of Sloppy Joe’s Bar.

Q. Are there sharks in Key West and will I get attacked by one when swimming/snorkeling?

A. Yes, there are sharks in the waters off of Key West, the most common shark to see at the Key West reef is the nurse shark which is a pretty docile fish. According to the Key West Aquarium, “In Key West, there has never been a fatal shark attack. And there’s only been one incident reported in the record books since the 1800s. And for those who like statistics, you’re 45,000 times more likely to die from a car accident than from a shark attack.”

Q. Is Key West a good place for birdwatching?

A. The Audubon Society thinks that Key West is a great birding location. You can even book a charter for birdwatching in Key West!

Q. Are there Alligators / Crocodiles in Key West?

A. Yes to both! However, I have never seen one here in person.

Q. What type of fish can I catch in Key West?

A. That depends on the time of year you visit Key West and which fishing arena you charter in. Check out our fishing seasons calendar for more information.

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To see what is happening on the island during your visit, check out our Key West Events Calendar to see other upcoming special events.

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