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Key West Lobster

2018 Lobster Mini Season Key West

July 19th 2018 – Here in Key West Next week is lobster mini-season, aka sportsman season, again. Annually, this opening takes place on the last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday in July. Properly licensed snorkelers and divers are able to take…

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Florida Lobsters

Spiny Lobster Season 2013

July 24th and 25th, 2013, which is this Wednesday and Thursday, marks this year’s two-day recreational lobster season, commonly known as mini-season. During this period, recreational snorkelers and divers can take up to six lobsters per day in Monroe County…

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Lobsterfest 2013

With Memorial Day upon us, summer is now knocking on our door. And one of the best things about summer in Key West is the opening of lobster season which is celebrated through Lobsterfest, the biggest event of the summer!…

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Gearing Up for Lobster Mini Season in Key West

The traffic coming into the Florida Keys and Key West is already picking up with Floridians trailering their boats down readying for lobster mini season which falls on July 27th and 28th this year. Mini season is always the last…

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