Gearing Up for Lobster Mini Season in Key West

How to Measure a Florida Spiny Lobster
How to measure a Florida Spiny Lobster for Mini season

The traffic coming into the Florida Keys and Key West is already picking up with Floridians trailering their boats down readying for lobster mini season which falls on July 27th and 28th this year. Mini season is always the last Wednesday and Thursday in July, and it usually brings about 25,000 visitors to the Florida Keys. With that number of visitors, hotels are full up and so are marinas.

During this two day lobster bonanza, each properly licensed snorkeler and diver is allowed to take up to six legal sized lobsters per day. Night snorkeling and diving is not permitted during this event, but bully-netting from a boat is permitted at night.

While mini season allows for lobster lovers to enjoy being on the water catching a few of these delicious crustaceans before the opening of the regular season which starts on August 6th, everyone should remain mindful of the rules and be safe on the water. The number of FWC officers patrolling on and off the water during mini season will be about twice as many as usual and will include undercover agents as well as police dogs trained to sniff out lobsters. That may seem funny to some, but it is really a stark reminder that following the imposed rules are extremely important.

For questions about regulations in regards to mini season, contact the FWC.

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